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LEP Webinar #1 : Indonesia -Australia Livestock Industry Overview

LEP understands the importance of preparing the next generation to be informed about the livestock industry. Students at Veterinary Schools or Animal Science Faculties often receive tons of information about dairy and poultry industry, but rarely on the beef cattle industry. Mostly students would need to find the information themselves or join a cattle club at Campus if they are interested with cattle, and it doesn’t necessarily provide them with what actually happened in the industry.

As part of LEP roles in communicating the industry to stakeholders, it is also important to provide the correct information to the next future leaders. LEP deliver series of webinar for students, starting with LEP Webinar #1 : Indonesia -Australia Livestock Industry Overview; where Dr Helen Fadma presented the Northern Australia production cycle, Livestock Management in Australia – Indonesia, and the work on improving animal welfare along the supply chains. The first webinar that was attended by 275 participants (it is live at YouTube channel) also presented 3 industry workers (Tri Umardhani, Mochammad Pribadie and Yudhistira Pratama) talking about their passion and career in the livestock sector. The fortnightly series will be followed with webinars on animal welfare, beef cattle production, breeding and beef processing.


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