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Past Events

Annual Meeting Forum AWO Indonesia

On February 25, 2021, the annual meeting of the Animal Welfare Officer Indonesia Forum and Beef Forum was held online. Participants were recognized by industry stakeholders from Indonesia and Australia, namely Gapuspindo, ALEC, MLA, and Australian Producer. In the first session, the General Chairperson of the 2020-2021 AWO Forum, drh. Neny Santy Jelita and Executive Director of Gapuspindo Ir. Joni Liano. Then continued with the presentation of material by the General Chairperson of Gapuspindo Ir. Didiek Purwanto about the condition of beef cattle business in Indonesia and continued by Steven Bignaill about conditions in Australia.

Furthermore, in the second session, an accountability report was carried out by the management of the 2020-2021 AWO Forum and the election of a general chairman for the next 3 years in office with the re-election of drh. Neny Santy Jelita from Juang Jaya Abdi Alam Feedlot.


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